We provide serially or overlapping multi channel and multi funnel fundraising consulting to companies worth investing in

Expertise. Execution. Performance

WHAT we do

Provides SMEs and start-ups with
on-trend projects with the cutting edge
expertise and performing execution to
connect with target investors

Identifies well-qualified trend-setting Investment candidates with a sustainable advanced financing strategy to investors

The core services

Funding Coach

Capital Raising

Services & Advice

It is expected that the following questions and several others can be answered with confidence:

Can you explain what makes you different from all your competitors in a matter-of-fact way and not hyper-subjectively?

Can you show case studies of deals, sample transactions (including customer situations)?

Is your value adding process on your website, in your teaser and advertising texts presented in a very clear, meaningful diagram?

Funding Coach

Capital Raising

Services & Advice

B2B Services

After our support:

…your teaser is well structured – not just a report, whether in several paragraphs or even just a block of information.

…your pitch deck has a timeline, a track record, shows the terms and structure of the deal and a one-liner on the cover page.

We support you well beyond that, and work with you to ensure the right mix of information that investors expect, without revealing too much or overwhelming your target audience.

Support for implementing the public offer

Pre-ipo and IPO path as one or even the only financing strategy

From regulators to corporate structuring to investors, many entrepreneurs have never dealt with these issues, but they certainly have a great deal of respect for the unknown.

And there is much more that needs to be implemented in the organisation if scaling with the support of investors is to succeed without critical frictional losses.
Our practical experience can help you find the easiest, cheapest and preferably most enjoyable way.

Support in achieving
the criteria for the
public offer

Dealing with authorities, lawyers, marketing agencies, etc.

We accompany you where you need our subject matter expertise and enhance your network with the competent partners and service providers you are admittedly missing.
Often the coaching role is enough and sometimes more friendly mentoring as trusted advisor is needed than concrete actions.
In other particularly exciting projects, mutual respect and trust are built up to such an extent that our support is not only provided and used with scaling with the support of investors.
We greatly value such sustainable client relationships – not least because of the ongoing lessons we learn together.

Why us

The idea

Unfortunately, a cautious and measured approach, such as natural growth, fails when new innovations create a new market or disrupt an existing market – we are talking about disruptive change.
When a market is within reach, the greatest risk is to play it too safe and come too late. The cost of being too slow is far too expensive. We are talking about costs of delay in terms of erosion of the value of the company or project over the following months.
But scaling up with the support of investors is more than just blindly pushing forward in an effort to “loom large” quickly. It is about winning the crucial market share – about staying in the game. The project initiators must be prepared to show more than 100% commitment and react flexibly and without vanity to the inevitable setbacks.
Scaling up with the support of investors requires more than just courage and skill on the part of the entrepreneurs. It requires stakeholders who counter smart risks with both money and personal engagement. After all, these are the essential ingredients – food and air, so to say. The task of the management / initiators is to ensure that enough food is available for the organization to grow, while the whole team strengthens the necessary muscles to prevent it collapsing under the increasing weight as it scales. Scaling with the support of investors means knowing the uncertainty and putting speed before efficiency.
We are happy to help you better understand investor-supported scaling when we compare it to other forms of quick expansion.

Who we are

Partners and team

Swiss Certified Expert in Corporate Development & Partner

– Corporate capital structuring
– Corporate (re)structuring
– Debt / Equity choice

Sustainable & new Businessmodels | Partner

– Business Consulting
– Marketing Consulting
– Marketing Strategy
– Digital Marketing
– Project Management


– Dynamics of scale-ups and startups
– Building sustainability
– Support strategic sectors
– Develop relationships with senior decision makers of major companies

Legal Advisor & Partner
Finance Consulting


Covered industries

Agriculture, Horticulture & Marine
Commercial Property​
Financial & Professional
Media & Technology
Building & Construction​
Car, Motor & Transport​
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